Surprisingly, my relationship with Tiama started a lot like it did with Rudis.  Mostly with me and friends working to get her ready for world cruising.  In the last year we have installed a windlass, dinghy davits, solar panels, bottom paint, cutlass bearing, and almost done with the water maker/ desalination.  There is still a list of things I want for my next leg like a life raft service, new dinghy outboard, and a good swim ladder.   She is starting to look ready to go, though I could be more fit.    As Lord Nelsen said “Men and ships rot in port.”  With all the work in the last year it is easy to forget why we cruising sailors do this.  Weathering the rainy season in a state of doldrums of  boat work and yacht club beers can be rough.

I was lucky and honored to have Audrianda, Liana, and Franci for four days, Kristine for four days, and my father Dick for four more.   While it can be exhausting having guests on board, seeing these off the beaten path places that I have become accustomed to through their eyes really gave me inspiration.  In 12 days we sailed from Ko PhiPhi Don to PhiPhi Lei, Ko Rok, Ko Kraden, Ko Muk, Old town Lanta, Ko Poda, Railay Beach, Krabi, Ko Po Da Nok, Ko Yao Yai, and back to Au Chalong.  I was able to shake down the boat, form new friendships, spend quality time with dad, and be reminded how lucky I am to have the opportunity to do this.

I’m now back in Chalong doing more boatwork and prosthetic repairs.  I’m hoping for only a week or so and get back out having fun and getting content for my website \ blog.  I do have a few video projects in the works and will do my best to get those out ASAP.  For those that take the time to read these feel free to comment or respond to let me know what kind of content I should share on this.  I am pretty new at sharing my journey or really anything personal on the web so could use a bit of direction on what people are curious about.  I promise I’m not sensitive or insecure about my missing arm and leg so feel free to ask anything!



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