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Back to sailing around the world

After 6 years of living by tides, currents, and wind it is difficult to not sail when the weather permits. About a week and a half in New York a decent weather window south came along. There are places where it is easy to find good weather windows and the North Atlantic has not been […]

The Corona Detour

The choice to make a 2500 mile detour was made for me by Civid19 and Bristol marine. Andy Tyska with Bristol Marine reached out to me back in February and offered to repair/refit the boat to help with my last leg of my journey. I thanked him for his incredibly generous offer but said it’s […]

Covid 19

This in an interesting time for most people on this planet. I feel extremely lucky that this really does not affect me too much other than limiting where I can go. I’ve spent the last 6 years sailing around the world alone. Being in the U.S. Virgin islands with unlimited cellular internet and nice grocery […]

Leaving Africa

Leaving Africa It was not until coming here that I understood people’s magnetic draw to this amazing continent. Seemed that people exaggerated their experiences because how could there be a place such as this. I only scraped the surface spending 7+ months from Madagascar to South Africa. This was broken up by my 6 week […]

The Right to Pee Upwind

I have had a difficult time writing about our Antarctica trip. I think this is mostly due to the scope of the trip and the crew undertaking it. It is just too much to write a blog summarizing a 4 week trip to Antarctica with 4 sailors on board. So I’ll start with sailors, the […]

Crowd funding Update

  I have been a bit absent on here since going to Antarctica. I’m still working on my blog for that which should come out shortly. For now I just want to do a quick update on where my crowdfunding monies are going. Tiama continues to get in better shape thanks to everyone that has […]

Aloha Sri Lanka

This has been one of my favorite stops and I am really happy I saw Sri Lanka now. Sri Lanka is over 30% nature preserve with amazing wildlife and even more amazing people. I have to thank Naveen. Without him convincing me to come here I likely would have gone back to Sumatra (also amazing) […]