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Leaving Africa

Leaving Africa It was not until coming here that I understood people’s magnetic draw to this amazing continent. Seemed that people exaggerated their experiences because how could there be a place such as this. I only scraped the surface spending 7+ months from Madagascar to South Africa. This was broken up by my 6 week […]

The Right to Pee Upwind

I have had a difficult time writing about our Antarctica trip. I think this is mostly due to the scope of the trip and the crew undertaking it. It is just too much to write a blog summarizing a 4 week trip to Antarctica with 4 sailors on board. So I’ll start with sailors, the […]

Crowd funding Update

  I have been a bit absent on here since going to Antarctica. I’m still working on my blog for that which should come out shortly. For now I just want to do a quick update on where my crowdfunding monies are going. Tiama continues to get in better shape thanks to everyone that has […]

Aloha Sri Lanka

This has been one of my favorite stops and I am really happy I saw Sri Lanka now. Sri Lanka is over 30% nature preserve with amazing wildlife and even more amazing people. I have to thank Naveen. Without him convincing me to come here I likely would have gone back to Sumatra (also amazing) […]

Leaving Thailand

2 years in southeast Asia I read once that a journey of a 1000 miles begins with a flat tire and a squeaky fan belt. My journey started on a 46 year boat and a 35 year old inexperienced double amputee captain. I set out to sail around the world and at least get to […]

Happy 2018!

  “I’m Starting off 2018 at light speed!”  Well, sailing at a brisk walking pace.   Mark Twain wrote “Travel is fatal to Prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.”  Often I’m asked how safe traveling by yacht is.  Most people ask about pirates and storms 1st.  […]

1 year with Tiama

Surprisingly, my relationship with Tiama started a lot like it did with Rudis.  Mostly with me and friends working to get her ready for world cruising.  In the last year we have installed a windlass, dinghy davits, solar panels, bottom paint, cutlass bearing, and almost done with the water maker/ desalination.  There is still a list […]


Nine Years as a double amputee

Once again the anniversary of the crash that claimed my arm, leg and nearly my life is here. I usually take this time to reflect on how things have changed for the better.  I celebrate that I chose to continue my life. I also thank my friends and family that have helped me along.  I have […]