After a year and a half hiatus, my return to boat ownership has been both challenging and rewarding. For two decades, owning a boat was part of my identity, a period filled with constant maintenance tasks, the unease of potential mishaps at sea, and financial insecurity. My brief interlude on land allowed me peaceful rest, free from worries about anchor security, dinghy safety, and the never-ending to-do list that accompanies boat ownership. Yet, this past month marked my re-entry into this familiar world, albeit not without its trials. The journey has already cost me more than expected, both financially and emotionally, as I navigate the unforeseen expenses and challenges that have arisen.


My reintroduction to yachting has been a mixed bag. The weather has been particularly unforgiving, leading to dragging anchor, a flipped dinghy in rough seas and the loss of my custom-designed swim prosthetic. Finding a secure mooring has proven more difficult than anticipated, and the boat is more of a fixer upper than I initially thought. Despite these setbacks, there have been familiar moments of what makes cruising so special, sharing beautiful sailing days and engaging in boat projects with friends. These experiences underscore the unpredictability of mother nature and camaraderie that define the boating community.

The first month was largely spent getting acquainted with the boat and preparing it for sea. Immediate changes were necessary, such as replacing the starter, updating the running rigging, and fixing the windlass solenoid. However, a longer list of upgrades awaits to transform the vessel into a reliable offshore cruiser. This includes installing solar panels, acquiring new sails, improving anchoring gear, and upgrading the dinghy and boarding ladder. Some lessons were learned the hard way, especially when a low-pressure system tested my ground tackle and my ability to singlehand a vessel not set up for small crew sailing.

Despite these challenges, my optimism for this project remains unshaken. The boat is gradually reaching a state where I feel comfortable inviting guests for day trips, with hopes of extending these to weekend excursions soon. The boat has amazing potential as both a cruising and teaching platform, and I am grateful to everyone that has continued to support me.

As I continue to navigate the challenges of getting the boat ready, I extend an invitation to you: come sailing with me and/or help with boat projects. There is no better way to learn about off shore cruising than boat projects. It is a huge part of what cruising is! Your support, whether through joining me on the water or contributing to this project, is immensely appreciated. Together, we can make this dream a reality.

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