I’ve heard many times that cruising is just boatwork in exoctic locations. I think I’ve found a decent balance of keeping the boat up and still enjoying the freedom that comes with having a world cruising sailboat. There is always a balance on what needs to be done, what I can afford, and what can wait until the next port. Since all that is separating me from where I am and returning home to Hawaii is 5 months, 2 countries and about 6500 miles of Pacific ocean it seems like most stuff can wait . This is good because my debit card was compromised just as I was about to order a bunch of spares. 


 On the needs list was changing a leaky exhaust elbow, an alternator that caught on fire, oil and diesel leaks, and bottom paint. It is crazy to think I would not have had the confidence to do any of these 7 years ago but was able to get through them fairly efficiently even when I had to jury rig an old voltage regulator to the new alternator using my teeth and toes to hold and crimp wires. Some of these tasks are extremely frustrating with one hand, in the Panama heat, with not exactly the right part and sometimes required some swearing but the important things got done. 

On the wants list was a new headsail, watermaker membrane, batteries and a solar panel. Thanks to Precision sails I got a new headsail on its way at a good price. I was going to order the solar panel and watermaker membrane and my card was shut down for fraud. On the bright side I’m pretty sure I can get enough time out of the current ones to get me back home and I have more money for groceries and Galapagos. 

I really have to thank the boost in Crowd funding recently that mostly came from podcasts.  There are now links to most media and podcasts on my website. Doing all these these repairs would have set me back for months financially. Crowd funding is the only reason I was able to afford to do all this at the most expensive part of my sailing trip and keep on a schedule to get home for Christmas.  Thank you.

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