Sixteen years ago, on a night that feels both distant and vividly close, an accident left me grappling with unimaginable physical and financial challenges. The weight of being in debt to the tune of $500,000 coupled with the trauma that cost me 2 limbs and nearly my life. However, each year since, I’ve marked the anniversary of that fateful night with a mix of reflection and celebration. This year is particularly special, as it marks the first time in a decade I’ve returned to Hawaii to celebrate with close friends and retrace the memories at the very restaurant where it all unfolded.


During the 16 years that followed, I’ve experienced a whirlwind of adventures, challenges, and personal growth. From being financially destitute and denied medical care that risked my life to being a guest in 36 countries, setting a Guinness World Record for solo circumnavigation, and coming home to share it with my community. While the scars of the past never fade, they’ve given me a unique perspective on life, pushing me to seize every opportunity and chase dreams most deem unattainable.

Now, back in the comfort of home, I’m channeling my energies into my latest endeavor – a boat project close to my heart. This isn’t just about creating a vessel; it’s about crafting an educational tool. My aim is to empower others to embrace the magic of sailing and share the wisdom I’ve amassed from my voyages. Looking back to that life-altering night, I remember pausing before dialing 911, unsure how difficult my life would be if i made the call. Today, I’m eternally grateful for those who stood by me during the toughest times and championed my ambitions, ensuring that dreams, no matter how distant, are always within reach.

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