2 years in southeast Asia

I read once that a journey of a 1000 miles begins with a flat tire and a squeaky fan belt. My journey started on a 46 year boat and a 35 year old inexperienced double amputee captain. I set out to sail around the world and at least get to Krabi and assess if this is something I really want. Arriving In Krabi Rudis was taking on water, the mast had stress cracks near the gooseneck (where the boom is connected to the mast), and my 3rd transmission was already slipping. My Rudis, my symbol of freedom, and my partner on this journey took me to Krabi safely, but just barely.


I realized upon leaving Hawaii that this was not going to be a solo journey. Sure, I will sail the boat by myself but that seems to be the easy part. From the beginning my friends made my success their responsibility and that has continued into Thailand with new friends. There are so many things I find similar. Once again I am leaving a place of support and a place with friends and family always willing to lend a hand to a one handed sailor. Michael spent 2 days working on my wind generator, Glenn nearly had a heart attack hoisting my 95 kilo butt up the mast, Harry bought me a new outboard after seeing me struggle with mine for two years, Crystal shared her home so I didn’t have to live in the boatyard, Brent lent me a mooring so I could go home to get prosthetics sorted, LIM Innovations made me a new prosthetic, 250+ people came together to buy me Tiama, Neil trusted me to come up with the money when someone made a cash offer, and Gregg who came through and lent me the amount I was short. I am not sure how many people realize just how close I was to the drain I was circling.


Sailing with my father and seeing this life of mine through his proud eyes, Brent lending his motorbike and opening up Phuket to me, Ronnie adding me as crew for a yacht delivery across the Pacific, and Ben asking me to come help teach his family to sail on their new boat, all have given me confidence, purpose, and direction when I needed it most. This last year has been a whirlwind of emotion and change. There has been highs and lows, heartbreak and new love, the sinking of Rudis ( not my fault ) and new life on my journey with Tiama.
So once again I’m pointing my bow towards the setting sun. Once again I’m leaving a port filled with supportive friends, comfort, and safety to see what else is out there. This time there is no (at least to…) in my goal. I will sail back home to Hawaii and decide from there what is next. Until then there are new places, new adventure, new friends, and I’m sure a bit of misadventure. As usual I’m overwhelmed with gratitude because of everyone that has made this lifestyle a reality for me. Next stop Andaman islands


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