I was warned by several sailors about the depression and difficulty returning home after cruising the world. Everything I’ve been doing for the last 8 years has suddenly came to an end and I feel like I’m in the doldrums. I’ve found doldrums all over the world. Doldrums linger near  the equator, storms, and between weather patterns. One can either motor through the calm until the breeze picks up or wait it out. Motoring through is preferable to me.

Landing in Hawaii was a dream come true but eventually we all wake up. I don’t make enough money to currently live in Hawaii and Tiama needed work as boats always do. Finding a place to stay in Kona was a lot more difficult than I expected and thankfully my friend Kimo offered me an affordable room on Oahu. It is tough being away from my friends still but should help me focus on myself which is something I really need to do.

My goals are to have a book deal by the end of the year and be getting paid speaking gigs. I also will get my captains license and do part time work. There is also a lingering 20lbs hanging on my midsection that isn’t going away on it’s own like it used to. Last of all I need to make money. It has been amazing to travel the world the last 8 years on a shoe string budget but would be nice to pick up some tabs and help others on their projects.

I sold Tiama to an amazing human whom also wants to sail around the world alone.{more about this soon). My bankruptcy just dropped of my record and I’ve been approved for my 1st credit card since my accident and can finally start rebuilding my credit. I’m working with a speaking coach to polish my skills and a writer to help finish my book. My captain’s license bookwork just came in the mail and I’m starting on that. I also joined a gym to shake the 20lbs I picked up in South Africa and bought a motorcycle to get around Oahu. Sorry mom. These are all things that should help me realize future goals but I still dream of the horizon and the next adventure.

 This is tough. If I had Tiama right now the South Pacific would be loudly calling my name. That is not the best course to where I want to be though. This is the 1st time in 10 years that my goal was not to sail around the world alone. I feel like a fish out of water but I’m doing the work. Writing and speaking are tedious but will hopefully get me back to financial freedom. The captain’s license could find me work but is boring. The motorcycle upset mom but gets me around and is helping me keep my sanity. Hopefully the doldrums will be short and I’ll be sailing to distant places again soon.

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