the single handed sailor

A Freedom and a Purpose Found Through Tragedy

My journey began October 18th, 2008 when I was in a head on collision with a drunk driver. It cost me my left arm, my left leg, and nearly my life.

I celebrate this day every year.

This tragic event led to me making the decision to be the first double amputee to circumnavigate the world solo. So, The Single Handed Sailor was born, and as of December 2021, I accomplished that goal.

My gratitude for this life and those of you have been with me on this journey since day one is never ending. There are more adventures to be had and I’d like to continue to show you spectacular parts of the world. Additionally, I’d like to bring to light some of the more devastating parts.

My circumnavigation is complete, but the journey is not.

Boatyard blues and Keeping to a schedule

I’ve heard many times that cruising is just boatwork in exoctic locations. I think I’ve found a decent balance of keeping the boat up and still enjoying the freedom that comes with having a world cruising sailboat. There is...

Aloha Bahamas

Aloha Bahamas When I first decided to sail around the world I read a bunch of books hoping to see what it would be like and of course learn how to actually sail. One of the things that really stuck out with me was reading...

Back to sailing around the world

After 6 years of living by tides, currents, and wind it is difficult to not sail when the weather permits. About a week and a half in New York a decent weather window south came along. There are places where it is easy to...

The Corona Detour

The Corona Detour

The choice to make a 2500 mile detour was made for me by Civid19 and Bristol marine. Andy Tyska with Bristol Marine reached out to me back in February and offered to repair/refit the boat to help with my last leg of my...

Covid 19

Cruising with the kids on Uraparapara This in an interesting time for most people on this planet. I feel extremely lucky that this really does not affect me too much other than limiting where I can go. I’ve spent the last 6...

Leaving Africa

Leaving Africa

Leaving Africa It was not until coming here that I understood people’s magnetic draw to this amazing continent. Seemed that people exaggerated their experiences because how could there be a place such as this. I only...

The Right to Pee Upwind

The Right to Pee Upwind

I have had a difficult time writing about our Antarctica trip. I think this is mostly due to the scope of the trip and the crew undertaking it. It is just too much to write a blog summarizing a 4 week trip to Antarctica...